Lean Processing – Thinking about cost in a different way

In difficult and volatile markets, especially with prolonged and historically low levels of returns on investment income, costs become a major driver for companies.  How do you reduce cost to deliver improved combined operating ratios, without eating into the capability that differentiates you from your competition and delivers value to your customers and shareholders?

Our Lean Processing methodology delivers a process-oriented assessment of the current operating model in terms of the value delivered to customers and shareholders by all of the activity with all functions.  This top down assessment is a rapid intervention to challenge the status quo of processes and organisational / functional boundaries, and to identify the opportunities for removing waste and refocusing expenses on value generating value. 

Our implementation capability supports you in delivering these benefits and equipping your employees with the Lean mentality and a continuous improvement agenda. We typically see 20-25% reductions in cost as a result of these initiatives, combined with improvements in customer service and experience

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