Operational Excellence

We help our clients to achieve operational excellence by bringing together process design, smart performance management and the development of a consistent data model.

Process design is a at the centre of the consultancy services offered by Apex . We start process design activity be developing a process architecture starting at level one. This is at the heart of any Target Operating Model sets the framework for enabling operational excellence.

We typically engage with our clients to develop a process architecture that documents the core business processes, including third party activity if appropriate. This allows the client to understand process scope, ownership, hand-offs between functions.

Once the process architecture is developed, many organisations can begin to see where the issues are, and we support the rapid development of hypotheses and the assessment activity required to validate them to ensure that rapid and cost effective process improvement can take place.  None of our projects involve a 3 month process mapping exercise!

Operational Excellence Process

As the process architecture is developed to levels two and three in the critical areas, we can start to understand process variances, wastage, time lags and duplication. This is the basis for developing a consistent set of new processes.

With a significant track record in designing and implementing complex process architectures within insurance our Apex consultants are able to quickly develop and adapt the process architecture for our client’s specific vision and therefore enable a quicker move into the business change cycle.

Our consultants are also well-versed and qualified in process performance management and process improvement philosophies such as lean and six sigma. We help our client’s deliver immediate step change in business performance that produces consistency, quality and elapsed time improvements which in turn reduce costs. At the same time, we like to work with our client’s staff to train and educate them in performance management facilitating a knowledge legacy that enables ongoing process improvement.

Understanding how data supports operational excellence is becoming more and more important, as it supports process consistency, IT integration and the provision of management reporting.

Understanding the data model is often excluded from many operational excellence initiatives; Apex, however, believes it is integral to achieving significant progress towards a consistent way of working. Our experience in this field allows us to help our clients identify where developing a data model can improve risk management and key business decision making.