Business Transformation

At the heart of the services Apex provides is our ability to help client’s manage change from their current state to a new vision.

This business transformation often includes the development of a new target operating model that spans the whole core process, from initial sale of an insurance product through re-insurance to payment of services.

Alternatively, the proposed business transformation is limited to specific functions or technologies.  Key to any business transformation is understanding the vision, the drivers for change management  business ownership, and having a structured and well governed implementation approach.

Our consultants bring their experience to helping client’s articulate their vision, identify the key success factors and determine the targeted benefits expected.

Supporting business transformation is the often underestimated field of change management. The complexity and funding needed to deliver the ‘people’ side of change is often underestimated.  Apex takes a very pragmatic view, working with you to ensure the right steps are taken in communication, business ownership, individual change support and benefits realisation.

We have our own model that takes client’s through the cycle of change, from an initial review of the goals to ultimately supporting client’s in the delivery of those changes in the organisation. We make use of our own as well as standard industry methods, adapting them where appropriate, to deliver real change that is sustainable.

As a ‘hands-on’ consultancy, we match our experience and insurance know-how with a passion for making a real difference in supporting our client’s business transformation.