Target Operating Model

We help clients design and articulate their vision for change by working with them to develop new target operating models for their business.

Our consultants have extensive experience in developing insurance sector target operating models that enable competitive advantage through developing a model that brings together process consistency, improved technologies, new organisational design and consistent performance measures.

Our client’s ask us to develop target operating model across their whole business or more often for a particular product segment or business functions such as claims, operations or finance. In many cases, we further adapt these models to support a matrix approach, starting from a global model that is then tailored to match local needs at a country or regional level.

APEX Target Operating Model

As part of the process for developing the target operating model, we help our clients both identify and evaluate the competitive strength, economic viability and risks associated with the new model, as well as the specific capabilities that need to be in place. Once we have articulated the model, we work with our clients to identify and prioritise any gaps between the new target operating model and the current way of working. This is the first step to agree and establish an implementation plan to close those gaps.

As well as helping clients to develop effective target operating models for their internal operations, we carry out reviews of how external partners can be effectively integrated into the end-to-end process. These end-to-end process reviews often include the integration of customer handling units, offshoring with a strategic partner and outsourcing specific activities. We also work with clients to develop sourcing strategies for selecting and managing suppliers such as operations and IT partners.

Developing a vision for a new target operating model is key to business transformation as it clearly establishes an end state, that the organisation or function can buy-in to and therefore work towards. Our insurance and target operating model expertise allows us to work with our clients to quickly develop a model that is both unique to their business but is pragmatic in its application.